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From 2022-2023, HPSRIs from six countries – India, Indonesia, Nepal, the Philippines, South Korea, and Sri Lanka – implemented USAID-funded catalytic pilots that mapped and strengthened HSPRI capacity, coordinated and enhanced training, and increased understanding of domestic HPSR funding streams. The pilots achieved the following:


·       Developed two country frameworks and one joint framework to assess HPSRI organizational capacities, or robustness.

·       Hosted a capacity strengthening workshop in the Philippines which utilized this framework.

·       Launched a demand and mapping survey and analyzed the results.

·       Released a prototype regional database that captures HPSRIs geographies of work and organizational capacities

·       Developed a framework to assess domestic financing opportunities, using desk research and complemented by case studies in Thailand and Vietnam.

·       Integrated core Flagship content into the L4UHC program in India, reaching representatives from 4 states and the National Health Authority.

 Through a series of convenings, the pilot HPSRIs shared learnings with the wider HPSR community and validate shared learning questions, priority skill and thematic areas to support, and opportunities to strengthen relationships and connections across the ecosystem to build upon these accomplishments. 


The Accelerator continued supporting these activities 
and served as a learning partner to facilitate coordination and collaboration, as well as capture and amplify lessons for the benefit of the global health systems community. 

Action Groups

The Accelerator launched action groups steered by the series’ participants, to support the development of identified tools and products, and provide a means for learning and sharing across these action groups. They co-develop actionable ideas to advance the shared vision. Join one of the action groups by visiting the Google Groups → or by e-mailing Leah List →.

Marketplace introduction

Following the May 2021 Convening →, co-creation participants formed action groups around key priority areas.Over the last several months, these groups have been refining ideas to strengthen the HPSR ecosystem and achieve the vision they co-developed last year.

Facilitator Team

Meet the people behind The Accelerator.

Our team is compiled of a diverse group of experts that drive innovation, and applies new perspectives on integrated health systems strengthening.